Nano Hairstrokes vs. Microblading

I am not a microblading artist, this is just what i have understood from other artists and the aged results and skin condition i have witnessed on my clients that have previously had microblading done.

In this day and age Permanent Make Up is a vastly growing industry and within that there is a variety of techniques to choose from. It’s by any means not a one size fits all kind of approach and in this article i would like to touch base on the difference between nano strokes and microblading. The main difference is the tools used and how they affect the skin.

Microblading is done with blades and it slices the skin making it harder for the skin to heal and recover, the risk for potential micro scarring is much higher then it is with nano machine strokes. Not to say that microblading is not a good approach ,but its just a tricky technique to master and execute correctly; It’s very easy to go either too deep and have the pigment pooling undee the skin or too shallow and not have anything to show for it at all. Even though it’s very popular and widely know it’s still an old-school way of doing things and not necessarily the best option for your optimal results. 

Nano strokes on the other hand are implanted with a machine where a thin needle goes up and down really fast creating tiny dots on the skin, allowing the skin to recover naturally and easily. The easier it is for the skin to heal-the more pigment it will hold in the skin. Creating strokes with micro pencil as such also gives the artist the ability to create different patterns and richer dimensions for the final outcome. Its suitable for more skin types and in general has more stable results meaning its more predictable how the strokes will turn out during the healing processe.

With both techniques it is only so many times that you can go over and boost the strokes before they get too blurry under the skin and turn in to a powder, but with the nature of the nano stroke, you can be sure to have a more longer lasting look then with microblading.
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